Meet Our Team

Fred Lyuber

Co-founder and managing partner of Virtual Events, LLC, Fred has more than two decades of experience in the industry. Fred is also founder and president of Immense Audio Visual, a leading provider of audio visual equipment and services. His specialties include live stream technologies, audio visual production, event design, production management, R & D of emerging technologies, A/V systems integration and theatrical lighting design. As a leader in his field, Fred works closely with the finest in the industry to ensure that every event will exceed his client’s expectations. His exceptional work ethic, detail oriented strategies and passion for his work reflect in the long history of successful events and accomplishments.

Jeronimo Terife

Co-founder and managing partner of Virtual Events, LLC, Jeronimo is also  the founder and president of Christian Media Group, Inc, a full service production company. He is a highly skilled engineer and producer with over 30 years of experience. His many years of industry work include corporate conferences & special events, trade shows, live television and awards shows, theater and scenic arts, film production, concert touring, system integration/design and permanent installations. Jeronimo brings a unique approach to the production workflow and is known for his detailed planning, as he understands that pre-production is the key to success in every event or production. His project management skills and his ability to create an effective synergy within his team ensures successful execution of every event or production.

Omar Colom

Omar is a U.S Army veteran with over two dozen decorations awarded to him for his actions while serving 2 tours of combat duty in the middle east. A proud father, he is the founder of AV Educate, a leading resource for audio visual training and an organization in which Virtual Events is a proud sponsor of. Omar is a second generation industry professional and is an accomplished video engineer with many years experience as a projectionist, high resolution switching specialist and graphic designer. He holds over a dozen broadcast and professional video training certifications and an associate degree in film and digital production. Omar is an excellent team leader and project manager and is a great addition to the Virtual Events team.

Pablo Puccio

With nearly 30 years of experience in the audio visual production industry, Pablo is a seasoned director, producer and technical expert who continually brings a creative vision to life while exceeding his client’s expectations. He has worked on sets of many different sizes, from live broadcasts to corporate environments of major brands and is highly skilled in webcasting and as a streaming integrator. Passionate about his work, Pablo focuses on creating a client centric workflow to bring creative visions to life, while ensuring that every aspect of the production process runs smoothly. Pablo continually exemplifies professionalism, a positive attitude and camaraderie, proving himself to be a valuable asset to our VE creative and project management team.

Bob Lidell

Coming from a family that has been in the AV industry since 1969, Bob has been around production his entire life. An Air Force veteran, he started his professional career after his military service in 1989 and has traveled extensively throughout the globe during his 30+ years in the industry. Bob is an accomplished producer, director, editor and production manager and has an extensive technical background. He is a seasoned video production professional, graphic designer, video engineer, video projectionist, LED wall engineer and sound engineer. An experienced live multi camera director, Bob has worked on numerous concerts and festivals with many artists throughout his career and notably was the video technical director for the Walt Disney Company’s production of The Lion King in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nick Jadoo

Nick is a broadcast video engineer that has extensive experience in partnering with TV networks, CEOs, and production companies to help grow their personal and professional brands, human to human. With over two decades experience working in television and the corporate environment, Nick knows what it takes to deliver content in the most creative means possible. He holds numerous accreditations and certificates from industry leaders such as Christie, Barco, Sony, Grass Valley and as a high resolution multi-image programmer and operator, he is the technical director in virtual conferences on a regular basis. He is known for saying, “It’s the process that makes the product. Once you trust the process, you’ll see great results from the final product.” Nick’s work has been seen in broadcast outlets and print around the world, such as Good Morning America, The Ellen Show and CNBC and his work has been mentioned in Forbes, Inc. and Advertising Week. Being such a highly skilled, and seasoned specialist, Nick is a true asset to the VE team.

Dan Manning

Dan is a highly skilled professional with 30+ years in the audio visual production industry. He started his career as a photographer in the US Navy, serving aboard the USS Midway in the Persian Gulf. An expert in photography, he is a detail oriented professional with decades of experience with many software platforms utilized in the production industry. Dan is our go-to graphics operator and designer for presentations and audience response systems and is an integral part of the VE team.

Jesse Walker

With over 20 years experience as a content creator and a decade being in the live event business, Jesse brings a unique and creative design process to the team. His talents are utilized throughout the creative process, from concept creation to delivering the final cut. He will take a concept sketched on a paper napkin and create it into a gorgeous, 3D rendering and a virtual reality work of art. Being a focused professional, Jesse is an incredibly detailed presence on show site and excels at igniting the visual experience for attendees through his designs and the use of animation and multimedia technology. His canvas is the event space and he is passionate to visually deliver his client’s message in the most impactful way. With extensive experience working with large corporations such Intel, Microsoft, NFL, PGA, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and CitiBank, Jesse brings great value to the VE team.